Wednesday, 23 April 2014


The NBA doesn't hand out trophies or player bonuses for “moral victories.” There’s no ticker-tape parade or crowds waiting at the airport when a moral victory is accomplished. But the Wine and Gold can go into this off-season with a sense of pride that no Cavalier club has felt in the last 13 years of the franchise. They were a defensive rebound and one quarter away from making history; pulling off one of the greatest playoff upsets in recent memory. Of course, that all came apart on Sunday afternoon, when the Pistons used a late 10-2 run and some of the toughest postseason defense in league history to knock the valiant Cavaliers out of the NBA’s second season. On Monday afternoon, the players cleaned out their lockers and headed for home and/or a tropical locale – after their memorable 57-win season and improbable playoff run.